Past Events…

Reclaiming Sexual Intimacy: A 2-Part Workshop for Trauma Survivors 

Date: November 9 and November 16

Location: 302 5th Ave, Suite 801, NYC

Time: 2:00-4:00pm

Cost: $125

Therapeutic skills building and educational workshop to help womxn/female-identified trauma survivors reclaim sexual intimacy. 

Learn the basics of trauma, understand and communicate consent, and learn coping skills for dealing with trauma triggers, particularly in sexually intimate contexts. This is ideal for individuals already in therapy who have a space to process through their trauma outside of this workshop or anything that may come up as a result of the intimate content.

What will I learn during this workshop?

  • Learn the basics of trauma: what it is, how it impacts the brain and body
  • Learn coping skills for dealing with trauma triggers
  • Understand informed consent and how to communicate it before, during and after sex (Consent is sexy!)
  • Grounding tools to take home with you

Topics to be covered: Trauma 101, Coping Skills/Grounding, Unwanted arousal, Consent, Sexual Health as a Trauma Survivor (MD/GYN appointments, safer sex practices, etc.)