Therapy in New York & New Jersey

You wake up in a panic feeling so much self loathing. You struggle to get out of bed and you keep thinking, “It’s just another day that I’ll never fit in. I’ll never be accepted for who I am.” It would be easier to just check out. 

Focusing at work is a struggle as your mind goes between half foggy and half racing. You can’t be yourself there or even with your family. You feel like an outsider all of the time. You’re tired of this see-saw, this back and forth between stress and exhaustion, of feeling like you either don’t like who you are or don’t know who you are. 

Let’s change that. Together…

You’ve been shamed for who you are — queer, trans, gender non-conforming, BIPOC, larger bodied, addicted, self harming, polyamorous… And now, you speak to yourself with harshness and criticism and can’t ever feel like enough inside your own head. You’ve been told that who you are is somehow inherently flawed. 

You want to find help, to find someone who understands. You’ve even searched for it, googling, “How do I stop hating myself?” It seems so hard to describe what you’re going through. You don’t want to be judged or shamed by another person.

My name is Sarah (she/they), and I can help…

I help people in their 20s and 30s from all marginalized identities increase compassion, reduce shame, and feel a greater sense of belonging within themselves and their bodies. I’m here to normalize the human experience and help you understand not only the impact of our individual thoughts, feelings and behaviors but how friends, family and society impact your mental well-being. 

Because of my passion for and 10+ years of experience working with LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, TGNC, fat/larger bodied, disabled, kink/BDSM and polyamorous clients, I have a unique ability to see who you are without judgment or shame. Through a mix of body-based work, exploration of childhood hurts, the neuroscience of emotions/emotional regulation, and various other concrete coping skills, I can help you find more balance in your daily life and get in touch with your unique inner resources. And though this work can be emotionally intense, I make sure that humor and joy are woven into the fabric of it.

Contact me for a FREE consultation…

If you’re ready to make the commitment to your own self exploration, I’d love to hear from you. I know it can feel like a big step to call a therapist, but I’ll make it easy. We’ll spend 15-minutes on the phone and I’ll let you know how or if I can help. If I am not the right person, I’ll do my best to get you to the right person. Contact me at (347) 699-2694 or click here to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation for therapy in NY or NJ. Discover how therapy can help you create lasting change.

*All sessions are being conducted virtually — I will be offering in-person outdoor therapy in Spring 2022*